Suspension & Alignments

suspension alignments In order for your car to drive smoothly, the center of gravity needs to be correct to ensure the proper amount of weight transfer. This transfer can have a profound effect on your car’s tires and suspension. At Kevin’s Auto Repair Service in Swoyersville, PA, we provide exceptional suspension services and wheel alignments so you can get back on the road and drive safely. If your vehicle has uneven weight transfer, it can throw the car’s center of gravity off. This creates excess wear and tear on your tires, which can cause the car to drift to one side, have difficulty braking, and can cause you to pay for new tires much sooner than you should.

Wheel Alignment Swoyersville PA

Whether you consider yourself an aggressive driver or an everyday commuter, weight transfer happens any time you drive your vehicle. When you hit the brakes and turn your steering wheel, several things are happening at the same time. As you hit the brakes, the weight moves to the front wheels. Whenever you turn, the weight is transferred to the outside front wheel which is why your car seems to tilt. Once you return to the center of the road and accelerate, the weight transfers to the rear of your car. Every time you drive, this weight wears on your tires. With alignment, the wheels are properly arranged back to their original position, promoting more even wear. You should have an alignment performed regularly to reduce this uneven wear and weight transference. For those who live in mountainous terrain or who drive in a lot of traffic, you may need a wheel alignment more frequently than other drivers.

Suspension Swoyersville PA

If your suspension is in good working order, you should experience a comfortable, smooth ride. But the suspension in your vehicle does much more than just keep you and your passengers nice and comfortable. The force of weight transfer whenever you drive must be absorbed by the suspension system. If this doesn’t happen, the weight transfers directly to the tire at the point of contact, which can affect how well the tires grip the road. The suspension includes springs, shocks, and sway bars. Each component helps to ensure the best possible contact with the tires as long as they are in good condition.

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