PA State Inspections

PA State InspectionsIf you live in Pennsylvania and drive a vehicle, you are no stranger to Pennsylvania State Inspections. These yearly inspections are required of every single driver with a late model vehicle on the roads of Swoyersville and the rest of the state, and we know what a pain they can be. Finding a place to have the test done, waiting for it, and possibly failing and requiring repairs can all be stressful, but at Kevin’s Auto Repair Service, we aim to take some of that stress out. We are a state-licensed testing facility and a family-owned auto repair shop, meaning that not only can we perform the test required, we can also help with the repairs if they are required to pass. Simply swing by or make an appointment.

What Do We Test?

When we perform a state inspection, we do a standard emissions test with a few extra steps. We test the gas cap, the tailpipe, and we perform an anti-tampering test. The gas cap test simply measures the secureness of your gas cap. Your car will fail this part of the test if your gas cap is not sealed tightly enough to keep the harmful fumes from escaping. We test the tailpipe with an instrument called a dynamometer. This device is used to measure the exhaust output of your vehicle at different simulated speeds. If your car is giving off too much exhaust, or if the exhaust is contaminated or caustic, it will fail this part of the test. The anti-tampering test is there to make sure the car hasn’t been altered in ways to skirt or avoid the test’s rules. The safety inspection merely tests various other parts of your vehicle to make sure they meet state standards.

What Happens If I Fail?

If you fail your state inspection in Swoyersville, PA, and you’ve chosen Kevin’s Auto Repair Service as the shop to perform the test, you are in luck. The combined price of the emissions and safety inspection is $44.99, and we offer a free emissions re-test if you fail that portion of the test (a safety re-inspection costs extra). But if you fail any part of the tests, you can elect to have your vehicle repaired on-site and re-tested. We will be happy to help get you legally on the road again.

State Inspection Swoyersville PA

If your car is due for an emissions test or state inspection in Swoyersville, PA, the pros you should call first are at Kevin’s Auto Repair Service. Just come by or make an appointment today!

PA State Inspection


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