Oil Change

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The oil that runs through your engine keeps all the moving parts properly lubricated, preventing overheating and wear and tear. Without an oil change, your vehicle could undergo serious damage and need extensive, expensive repair. That’s why making sure you have your oil changed on a regular basis is so important. At Kevin’s Auto Repair Service in Swoyersville, PA, we offer affordable and extensive oil service that will keep your car protected. Every manufacturer has its own recommended oil change schedule, and we can help you determine what the best time frame will be for your unique vehicle.

When It’s Time for an Oil Change

There are some things that may cause you to need an oil change much sooner than the standard interval. If you frequently tow a trailer or heavy load, drive a lot in heavy traffic, or live in an area with extreme heat or cold, you might need to have an oil change performed more frequently. Every oil change should also include a new filter to help reduce the amount of debris that could get into your engine. Check your owner’s manual for more details as to how often you may need a standard oil and filter change. Tal to the professionals at Kevin’s Auto Repair Service so we can guide you on the frequency of oil changes you may need.

Why Oil Changes are so Important

The oil in your engine is its lifeblood. It helps to clean and lubricate all moving parts so they can operate smoothly without any friction. Oil also performs an important cooling function as it moves throughout your engine. As you drive and expose your car to multiple cold starts or short trips, the oil gets dirty. When the engine heats up and runs for long periods of time, this also causes the oil to be filled with grime and debris. Once the oil gets dirty, it becomes thicker and can no longer prevent common deposits and sludge from forming. Changing your oil and filter on a regular basis is the easiest and best way to extend the life of your engine.

Oil Change Near Me

Don’t leave the safety of your car’s engine to chance. You should bring it to our experienced team where we can get your oil changed and get you back on the road in no time. Take your vehicle to Kevin’s Auto Repair Service for an oil change in Swoyersville, PA. Give our friendly staff a call to schedule your appointment today! We offer the best oil change in Swoyersville, PA!


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