Fleet Service

Fleet Service

If you own a business and a fleet of vehicles, keeping them properly maintained is one of the most important things you can do for your company. Aside from their appearance, the vehicles in your fleet need to be in excellent working order so they are ready to go as soon as they’re needed. Even if just one of your fleet vehicles is out of commission, it can snowball into a lot of other problems. For all your fleet service and repair needs, you can trust the experts at Kevin’s Auto Repair Service in Swoyersville, PA.

Why Maintain Your Fleet?

If the vehicles in your fleet are not properly maintained, it can create plenty of negative issues when it comes to running your company. First, you’ll experience serious delays with deliveries or pick-ups, which can result in very unhappy customers. If you transport employees or clients, that can be delayed or even held up for days, too. Whenever there is any kind of delay with your business, it can backfire and create all kinds of problems, and it could even cost you your reputation. That’s why proper maintenance of every vehicle within your fleet is so important so you can stay on the road and in business all the time. You could even lose profits if a customer decides to take their business elsewhere if you are unable to deliver as promised.

Making Fleet Repairs

Aside from preventative maintenance that keeps your fleet on the road, you may run into issues where a vehicle needs some serious repair. This can be anything from the need to replace a broken part, body damage to the vehicle, or something even more serious like a complete engine overhaul. Any type of major repair should be performed as soon as possible not only to keep yourself and your employees safe but also to keep all of your fleet vehicles operational. Do not authorize anyone to drive any vehicles that need a major repair until the repair has been completed.

Keeping Up with Your Fleet

It can be difficult to try and track all repairs and maintenance issues for all your vehicles. From regular oil changes and replacing wiper blades to brake inspections, it’s really important to keep track of the maintenance done on every car or truck. Over time, if you neglect these small maintenance needs, they can add up to big problems. One way to combat this issue is to keep a thorough, up to date spreadsheet of every vehicle. Fill in the spreadsheet with each type of service, the date it was performed, and how many miles the vehicle has when it is brought into our shop. By keeping track, you’ll have a better handle on the needs of each car.

Fleet Service Near Me

Take the vehicles in your business fleet to Kevin’s Auto Repair Service located in Swoyersville, PA. Give our friendly staff a call to schedule your appointment today!


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