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Taking care of your engine is the best way to extend the life of your vehicle. If you keep up with the needed preventative maintenance and have all the necessary repairs performed immediately, your car will last you a long time and be a wise investment. From spark plug changes and tune-ups to new filter installations, take your vehicle to the experts at Kevin’s Auto Repair Service in Swoyersville, PA so we can give your engine the five-star treatment. We have the skills and background to be able to find out what’s happening under the hood so you can get back on the road safely in no time.

Engine Service Swoyersville PA

From emissions tests to our state-of-the-art diagnostics tools, we can get your engine working to its maximum capability. If your “check engine” light is on, it’s time to bring your car to Kevin’s Auto Repair Service. We can tell you exactly what’s happening and provide you with a thorough diagnostics and estimate of any repairs that might be needed. Whether large or small, we work on any and all types of repairs, and on any and all makes and models.

Some examples of the services we provide include changing the fuel pump, installing a new ignition module and new ignition wires, and performing thorough diagnostics on the engine sensors and electronics. We also specialize in basic repairs like distributor can and rotor replacements. No matter what the issue is, we’ve got the skills and background to get everything complete with the utmost care. Our main goal is to give you exceptional service that allows you to get back on the road safely in no time.

Engine Tune-Up Swoyersville PA

Our tune-up service includes a thorough inspection of all the engine components. Next, we’ll determine whether or not you need new spark plugs and install them accordingly along with any new wire and a distributor cap if needed. We also replace air and fuel filters and hoses as needed. Wear and tear can harm your engine, so it’s important to have all of these parts regularly inspected to extend their life. From a simple check under the hood to a complete engine overhaul, we’ve got the tools, parts, and skills needed to get everything completed correctly so you can drive safely.

Engine Repair Near Me

Take your vehicle to Kevin’s Auto Repair Service located in Swoyersville, PA for all of your engine repair and service needs. Give our friendly staff a call to schedule your appointment today!