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The hot summers of Pennsylvania can make driving extremely uncomfortable, and it’s even worse if your car’s A/C system is not working. Keep your cabin frosty and cool with A/C repair and service from Kevin’s Auto located in Swoyersville, PA. Whether you’re dealing with a weak fan, hot air is coming out of your vents, and you’re not getting any cool air, it’s important to get the issue corrected as soon as possible so you can drive in comfort. Don’t spend your summer suffering. Bring your vehicle to us and allow our experienced technicians to perform an inspection and service for your vehicle’s A/C system.

Common Car A/C Problems

It goes without saying that you’ll probably notice when the air conditioner in your car stops working. Some of the most common problems include hot air blowing out of the A/C, even when you have the setting on full blast or a lack of pressure coming from the vents. In some cases, no air will blow at all. Each of these issues should be addressed by an automotive service professional who can perform a thorough analysis and determine what the root cause is.

Correcting Your Vehicle’s A/C Woes

There can be several different reasons as to why your A/C system is failing. In many cases, it could simply be a Freon leak caused by a cracked o-ring seal in the air conditioner line. Sometimes, a worn out filter or condenser is the culprit. Even something as simple as a loose wire can wreak havoc and cause the car’s A/C system to fail. Excess heat radiating from the engine can also make it more difficult to cool your vehicle down.

Once the problem has been properly diagnosed, there are several things our technicians can do. We will be sure to inform you of all of your options and provide you with an estimate before performing any repairs. Some examples may include:

  • Replacing worn out O-rings, seals, or hoses
  • Fixing or replacing compressors and/or air compressor clutches
  • Repairing the evaporators and condensers in the A/C system
  • Fixing or replacing blower motors and resistors
  • Freon refills

Whatever the cause, we will make sure that the A/C system in your vehicle is back up and running as soon as possible so you don’t have to drive in the miserable heat. Take your vehicle to Kevin’s Auto located in Swoyersville, PA for all of your A/C system repair and service needs. Give our friendly staff a call at 570-283-3295 to schedule your appointment today!